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Click on a session title below to view its description. You may participate in any session even if you do not have access to the recommended equipment.  Registered attendees use the button below to access the event. 


Friday Session 1:

9:00am-10:15am EST
8:00am-9:15am CST
6:00am-7:15am PST

Exercise has been proven to slow cognitive decline associated with aging. Learn how exercise influences the body’s biological systems and functions to keep brains healthy and sharp! Practice innovative movements and techniques, complete with tons of options for clients of all fitness levels, and update your active aging training sessions today!

Engaging the core correctly is essential in every workout, but getting people to “get it” is hard. Drawing on the latest science and best practices from fitness, Pilates, and yoga, this workshop equips you with strategies, exercises, and cues to coach your students to discover their core for maximum impact.

Develop your craft and evolve into one of the best trainers in your region by learning the 5 things that all great trainers do. Learn from an industry veteran, with almost twenty-thousand training sessions, and experience how to build rapport, create change, become memorable, and elevate your brand to elite status. (LECTURE) (PRE-RECORDED SESSION)

It’s official – The fitness world has crowned HIIT as the only way to get fit and see results. No doubt – HIIT is a super effective way to train. But, according to research, it should only comprise approximately 20% of total weekly training volume. What’s a cycle coach to do with the other 80%? The answer is simple: endurance-based training. Learn the secrets of creating and delivering Anti-HIIT workout stages and classes sure to delight every rider in the room!

This session focuses on 3 aquatic training modalities for total body conditioning, utilizing the physical properties of the water, as well as intensity and directional variations to achieve optimal client outcomes. Learn each move, progressions and methods to safely increase intensity to strengthen the entire body.

Detoxification is all the rage in health and wellness, but are juice fasts, colon cleanses and other popular products really living up to the hype? This session covers what exactly a toxin is, modern toxic load, and the multiple biological systems that constantly clear the body of harmful toxins. Leave with the knowledge to empower your clients with clear, scientific-based research on toxins. (LECTURE)

The ongoing global pandemic has forever changed the landscape of the fitness industry. Pre-pandemic business models for reaching, engaging and retaining clients are no longer effective. In this session, learn from Ollie Bailey, founder of Gymcatch, how to effectively review your current business model and appropriate optimization for actionable plans to ensure success in the post-pandemic era.


The truth is that the world of fitness has changed & the demand from people who want to workout at home has increased. Do you have a plan to meet those demands, set up a virtual training studio, or a SYSTEM for providing extraordinary group training sessions via ZOOM? Learn how to establish yourself as a fitness professional in the world of virtual training.

Friday Session 2:

10:35am-11:50am EST
9:35am-10:50am CST
7:35am – 8:50am PST

Let’s FACE It Together(TM) facial exercise and rehabilitation is designed to strengthen facial and neck muscles, increase oral/motor skills, facial expression, prolong the onset of disease and reduce signs of aging. LFIT is perfect for in-person or virtual one-on-one or group training. Learn how to infuse LFIT into your current fitness programs to grow your business by expanding your reach.

With so many different pieces of equipment, with many claiming  functional superiority, it becomes challenging to select the best direction for our clients. In this session, Giovanni looks past traditional equipment to make sense out of  popular unconventional training tools, providing indications, contraindications, and programming recommendations to be applied to your current clients, immediately! 

AMRAP, EMOM, Tabata….another language? No, all killer HIIT timing protocols commonly used to add dimension to our training routine and our conditioning classes. In this session, identify and breakdown traditional work to rest ratios, to effectively train all of our clients. Discover the true qualities of HIIT and why recovery, passive and active, are equally as important as the work. Walk away with 4 different HIIT timing challenges that can be taught alone or mixed-and-matched to maximize workouts. (PRE-RECORDED)

Bring your beast mode! Journey into the many ways you can monkey around with HIIT. Experience multiple modalities. Discover techniques for optimizing effort. Learn how to tweak time and organize effective work intervals to lend to greater client or member success. 

Give your water workout a PUNCH! Experience a truly unique workout to reduce fat, strengthen your core, and tone arms and legs while improving coordination and flexibility. This class is full of jabs, punches and kicks all in the water! (PRE-RECORDED SESSION)

Hypertrophy or hyperplasia? Protein isolate before or after the workout? Why is leucine so important? What other amino acids help? What hormones ramp up the process? Melissa addresses answers to these important questions in an easy to understand science! (LECTURE)

How do fitness professionals stand out and magnetically attract their ideal client in a highly saturated industry packed with millions of other fitpros? Learn how to easily fill your programs and build a waitlist of clients without spending big bucks on marketing and advertising. (LECTURE)

Learn the ins and outs of how to live stream your workouts. Whether you offer yoga, cardio, dance, or another program, online video is a valuable service to maintain your client relationships and grow memberships. Leave with essential recommendations on how to take your business to the next level. Live stream videos can provide additional revenue. So, what are you waiting for? (LECTURE)

Friday Session 3:

12:10pm-1:25pm EST
11:10am- 12:25pm CST
9:10am-10:25am PST

Meet The Parasetter®, a unique roller system that supports the body comfortably. Developed by a PT known for work in Dance Medicine, helping counterbalance the stresses of life that lead to compressive loading effects resulting in back pain and more. The series of exercises leave you feeling relieved and rejuvenated.

Learn how to shadow box and train for the fight and body of your life! This heart-pumping sweat dripping session will give you a full body workout and the confidence you never knew you had. You are your only competition during this fight night session!

Going beyond aesthetics, this workshop comprehensively reviews lower body function and how to enhance muscular strength endurance. Through interactive practical application, learn how to structure a program utilizing a small ball, gliding discs, bands and dumbbells. Form follows function; get a better butt by building a better program! (PRE-RECORDED)

It’s time to take HOW to build a results driven ride and WOW your room every time to the next level. We’re letting YOU in on the secret. Learn how to stand out with Schwinn in the incredible lane of Group Fitness.

In this workshop, experience a cascade of fresh aqua ideas. Leave with six (6), 64-count choreography blocks that you can effortlessly incorporate into your next aqua workout. Take home detailed choreography notes to ensure easy preparation of sequences and successful delivery of low-impact, dynamic, total body WATERinMOTION® inspired moves. All fresh and ALL new!

You have more control over aging than you thought. Thanks to recent discoveries from Harvard, MIT, and UCLA, we now know what foods, supplements, and lifestyle choices aid in disease prevention, boost our brainpower, and keep us young. Discover how you can help your middle-aged clients turn back the clock. (LECTURE)

Learn why fitness professionals have largely ignored teaching preschool children. Why is it critical to start teaching exercise during the preschool years? Find out the many benefits children reap from appropriate fitness programming. Discover the potential in this untapped market, wide open for fitness pros. (LECTURE)

Virtual fitness is at an all time high and not going anywhere! The online culture keeps clients busy with exercise, but with little personal interaction and a lot of loneliness. Learn 5 strategies to disrupt this cycle and make a change in a world that desperately needs it. (LECTURE)

Friday Session 4:

2:25pm-3:40pm EST
1:25pm-2:40pm CST
11:25am-12:40pm PST

Pilates Fit + Strong aims to offset musculoskeletal imbalances through sensory awareness, bringing a whole new dimension to your Pilates routine. Each series is designed to be time efficient, targeting deep core musculature, aiming to rebalance your body efficiently.  A challenge worth exploring, leaving you with a plethora of ideas for your classes.

From the ground up, the kinetic chain is linked through the core: a missing component for many. Form follows function: if you train to enhance function, you’ll not only look better, but also improve posture and alignment. Learn multi-level strategies from the ground up and an integrative approach to core training.

Functional Training continues to be a top trend. Discover how Pilates techniques enhance functional training methods. Built on a foundation of science and movement mechanics, acquire strategies and techniques to develop functional movement programs and explore the principles in order to access movements that create conscious habits for effective results. (PRE-RECORDED)

This circuit-based, Bootcamp training session is guaranteed to encourage you to do more than JUST2SWEAT! You’ll learn important movement modifications that will allow your clients to engage in a group exercise setting of all different levels, without clients having to sacrifice intensity or motivation. This fully interactive program will teach you the skills to motivate, support and inspire your clients to challenge themselves to see real results.

This aquatic yoga session combines the movements and principles of land-based yoga practices and adapts them for the water. Learn sequences and progressions for full range of motion, deep stretching and total body strengthening.

Studies suggest that nutrition is more important than exercise for achieving weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight. Learn the science behind why popular diets fail and specific training-based nutritional needs. Leave with the knowledge to help your clients reach their goals, all while staying within your scope of practice. (LECTURE)

We will discuss how to think strategically for personal and professional success. We will revisit Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People as a framework, as well as other framing tools.This will encompass a modern day paradigm with the reality of constant change & the use of technology and social media. (LECTURE)

You get lots of followers on Social Media, but somehow it doesn’t translate into money in your bank account. Learn from 8 times No.1 International Bestselling Author 10 steps to a successful business, and walk away with a concrete plan and proven strategies. (LECTURE)

Friday Session 5:

4:00pm-5:15pm EST
3:00pm-4:15pm CST
1:00pm-2:15pm PST

As we age, the core, proprioception and balance become more important to prevent falls, maintain proper gait and keep us active. With core work often comes floor work, which can be uncomfortable for the aging population. This session is jam packed with muscular core facts, activity ideas and core exercises off the floor!

Learn the most important myths many consumers hold about using heavy weights. Understand best practices to build lean muscle mass through diet, nutrient timing and cardiovascular efforts. Examine the relationship between hormones and lean mass, menopause, manopause, and muscle. Gain insight into the fascinating, updated information regarding longevity and function, and exactly how you too can get lean and strong, no matter your age.

In the day and age of the “Dad Bod”, men and women both want to keep it high and tight. Furthermore, they want the waist that goes with it. We will discuss and practice movement that builds, tones, and tightens the lower half and keeps the client mobile and successful. (PRE-RECORDED)

The days of clients loving traditional cardio have ended. They want the short and sweet stuff now. In this session, we will cover why & how to use speed, agility & quickness for cardio. The attendee will walk away from this session with ready made programming to start using immediately.          

Make a splash with these brand new WATERinMOTION® Platinum-inspired routines. Experience six 64-count choreography blocks of captivating, low-impact aqua sequences and discover why moving in water is natural for our silver population. Comprehensive choreography notes are provided to enhance your teaching skills and movement mastery and inspire active aging adults to safely improve cardiovascular endurance, balance, strength and flexibility. Stay current with these fresh ideas!

Join Nicole on a journey into the healing powers of aligning our 7 chakras. Learn how to tap into each one through movement & diet to begin the path of enlightenment. Review ways in which chakra benefits common issues such as insomnia, anxiety and stress & how anatomy is affected positively when its corresponding chakra is aligned. (LECTURE)

The landscape of group fitness has been forever changed by the current world health crisis. Join these top MANIA presenters as they guide you through what lies ahead for group fitness. Take away invaluable solutions, answers to pressing questions, and effective solutions to set yourself up for success moving forward in the new normal for Group Ex. (LECTURE)

Virtual and Live Streaming have become the most popular modalities of fitness deliverance since the global pandemic began, but these modalities are here to stay. Knowing where and how to find the right tools is vital to your success. Join the professionals from AV NOW and discover which microphones, cameras, mixers & lighting are best suited for virtual instruction from your home or the gym. Virtual content creation is your thing, but making it look and sound great is ours! (LECTURE)

Friday Session 6:

5:35pm-6:50pm EST
4:35pm-5:50pm CST
2:35pm-3:50pm PST

Take your students into a smooth journey between two Yoga styles in one practice. The Yang is based on the use of asana sequence – developing muscular strength, stamina and flexibility. Enjoy a slower pace where poses are passively held for longer, working on the deep dense YIN connective tissues and joints in your body. Experience and understand how opposite forces may actually be complementary.

The core is vital for spinal stabilization and for the transfer of movements from the limbs. Discover how the core is supposed to function, the methods of function, and how to train your body to have the strongest, most impressive core of your life.

When do you realize you became fluent in a new language? …..when you begin to think or dream in that language. True indicators of fitness professional knowledge, is the ability to speak “Fitglish” or “Exercisese” movement language. This session is designed to enhance the fitness fluency for the new Personal Trainer and also re-affirm the veteran colleague of their thought patterns. By learning this “new language” a Fit Pro can become unlimited in their capacity to assess, program, and train their clientele. (LECTURE) (PRE-RECORDED)

In all disciplines, recovery & regeneration are key to making performance gains. Learn tried and true techniques for creating a ride that delivers solid work and efficient recoveries for maximal training effect. Discover ways to effectively work these necessary rides into your training protocols. Time to Rock Steady.

Enjoy six different segments of core training exercises for water exercise. Experience this on deck training course focused on working the abs, the back, obliques, hips and shoulders. Basically, anything core goes! Focusing on a senior market demands special emphasis on posture and alignment. Enjoy this session with one of the top aquatic presenters in the world!

Many Americans suffer from common chronic diseases, yet many of these diseases are preventable, as they are often linked to poor diet and lifestyle choices. Learn about food and nutrition strategies to prevent heart disease, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and other chronic health issues. See why food truly is medicine, and how eating strategically may help keep the doctor and medicine away. (LECTURE)

Now, more than ever, a digital presence is vital to your success, but if your business isn’t growing, your marketing may need a makeover! Assess your current marketing and learn digital marketing strategies and practices of the most successful fitness brands to implement today to generate growth  and revenue. (LECTURE)

Delegation and automation can help you create a seamless online business life so you can focus on your leadership responsibilities. Find out what you should automate or delegate immediately in your online life. By eliminating these tasks, you gain time to focus on your vision, team, and goals. (LECTURE)


Saturday Session 1:

9:00am-10:15am EST
8:00am-9:15am CST
6:00am-7:15am PST

The shoulder is one of the most complex, and most injured, joint systems in the body. In this live session, dive into the function of the shoulder, common mistakes when training it, and best practices to maintain optimal shoulder function and health. 

Get away from traditional warmups and learn how to build a more refined and individualized movement prep to improve performance! This course will provide strategies to get your clients moving and feeling better, all while addressing movement dysfunction and optimizing movement.

Learn what women want in this session where we discuss the typical strengths and weaknesses of a postnatal client. Explore motherhood from the ground up, learn to speak their language, and find out key components of building a stronger mama clientele. (PRE-RECORDED)

Survey says, “I want to lose weight and tone up”. “Oh, and I want to do it quickly without too much effort or sacrifice”. UGH! What’s worse, there are workouts on every corner that promises just that! This interactive workshop will review the science and latest research behind the trends (and false promises) vs. tested strategies while providing exercise program design to deliver the results clients want.

With one-on-one training on the rise, combined with more aquatic centers re-opening, reviewing training techniques is more important than ever. Discuss movements to increase range of motion and incorporate deep stretching techniques to utilize in aqua programs.

You may hear clients say: “I give up! I’m hungry all the time… I can’t stop eating”. But is overeating a choice? A character fault? A lack of self-control? Or something else? Discover the science behind our brain on food and support clients who are struggling with food addiction. (LECTURE)        

How do you compete in today’s highly competitive fitness business landscape? The answer? Delivering outstanding customer service and an outstanding customer experience. Learn all the proper tactics and strategies to do this and crush the competition! It doesn’t matter if you are a studio owner, manager or instructor, this talk will be your gameplan to success! (LECTURE)

Bullet proof your business and differentiate yourself from the masses with this essential session. As the world embraces virtual training the opportunity has never been greater but nor has the competition. Learn how to differentiate yourself from large, well financed competitors, set your operation up for success and evolve your business to stay ahead of the crowd. (LECTURE)

Saturday Session 2:

10:35am-11:50am EST
9:35am-10:50am CST
7:35am-8:50am PST

Fill your soul in this Vinyasa Yoga class that flows gracefully and rhythmically from posture to pose with the greatest hits of Motown as our guide. Focus on pose exploration while we blissfully drift through a journey of transformation and development. Leave with 15 seamless yoga sequences and music inspiration to rejuvenate and invigorate your classic vinyasa sessions.

Are your core workouts just featuring crunches? Ready to elevate your clients’ core training into an integrative system and approach? This session combines lecture and activity to  coach you on the fundamentals of core training and how to create stellar core programming for private and small group clients!     

The most common exercises for the butt, hips and thighs are the big three — squats, lunges, and deadlifts. But there are tons more! Join Jeff to discover how to take traditional lower body exercises and change them using the basic principles of stability and mobility. Adding on linearly sequencing to take your clients to the next level. (PRE-RECORDED)

Looking for ways to increase intensity for your most demanding Barre students? Learn the BIIT formula with a fresh interpretation of classic barre exercises fused with cardio intervals for an enhanced, high energy class. Move beyond rhythmic movements and experience targeted circuits that make teaching not only fun, but easy on Monday morning.

Experience awesome resistance exercises with Liquid Gym Acqua Toner Bands and Bar to take your aqua workout into a new realm. Combine the power of strength resistance training and the resistance/hydrostatic properties of water to give your workout a whole new release. Increase flexibility, muscle tone and range of motion while improving proprioception and blood circulation.

Industry veterans Lynne and Victor Brick address the subtle, long-term harm of mental health issues caused by Covid. They discuss the human psychological response to crisis and disaster, and how that response relates to the dual continuums of mental wellness; that being the horizontal, pathogenic (health care) continuum and the vertical, salutogenic (self-care) continuum. Finally, they discuss how holistic approaches, such as exercise, diet, and mind-body practices, benefit mental health.

It is well documented that a 5% increase in client retention translates into an income increase of 25%, which is why a smart retention strategy is paramount to your success. In this session, learn how and where to successfully invest your time, effort and money to create an optimal client experience at the point of sale. Convert more potential clients into long term clients and leave with actionable plans and tips to advance your Personal Training business. (LECTURE)

This course will educate fitness professionals on the best ways to grow & sustain their fitness businesses using technology & digital media, which is important in these challenging times. This session will cover 5 key elements including livestream classes, social media, email newsletters, an optimized website & digital advertising campaigns. (LECTURE)

Saturday Session 3:

12:10pm-1:25pm EST
11:10am-12:25pm CST
9:10am-10:25am PST

Smart strategies for strength training to help your female clients age-less! Chronological aging is just a number: it’s function that counts! Interactively review critical principles for functionally training the female client. Learn essential body alignment, precise cueing and movement strategies to provide smart strength training for the ageless female.

Getting more done in less time is pivotal in today’s busy world. Learn how “tri” & “quad” sets aka: CLUSTERS can give your clients what they want and need in as little as 30 minutes. Feel the difference between traditional circuit training and this ready-made model that you can start using with your clients immediately! You’ll walk away from this session with programming for three different types of client goals.

Change the word functional in your mind forever! Learn the methods of elite personal trainers that lead to best programs, the best results, and an exciting business. Experience functional training firsthand as Kevin leads you through a challenging workout that incorporates every movement pattern, your core, and your cardiovascular fitness. (PRE-RECORDED)

K.I.S.S. the class design blues away! Learn how to create thoughtful, physiologically sound classes that provide RESULTS! We simplify the process to save you time while setting riders up for success. Unlock the secret of the Schwinn Coach’s Pyramid and set the stage for powerful performances! Whether you’re a seasoned pro or rookie of the year, this workshop will change your mindset on class design.          

More than any other fitness environment, the aquatic environment can be less than favorable for exercise instruction, especially instruction from the pool deck. Learn the PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) that can assist in teaching while protecting the instructor. Experience practical use of  PPE and how to make the most of your aquatic teaching environment for safe and engaging classes.

Let’s FACE It Together™ Facial exercise and rehabilitation is designed to strengthen facial and neck muscles, increase oral/motor skills, facial expression, prolong the onset of disease and reduce signs of aging. This workshop will focus on the benefits of LFIT for special populations such as: Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, MS, stroke, paralysis, Bell’s Palsy and more. Marketing tips also included! (LECTURE)

You started your business to make an impact in your community, but now you feel like you may never enjoy the fruits of your labor. It’s time to work smarter, NOT harder! Learn secrets on how to design your business with a fresh perspective to run profitably and enjoy more free time. (LECTURE)

Do you get frustrated with technology sometimes? “Online” may be the new norm. Learn quick tips to use technology to your advantage as you transition your business to virtual. Save time with apps and shortcuts, become more efficient, organized, work faster, smarter and get stuff done!  (LECTURE)

Saturday Session 4:

2:25pm-3:40pm EST
1:25pm-2:40pm CST
11:25am-12:40pm PST

Good flexibility and range of motion are essential for good posture and reducing the risks of injury. Discover this dynamic approach and learn how movement sequence patterns enhance mobility and range of motion. Explore the concept of working directly with myofascial meridians and anatomy training for self-care, flexibility and muscle tension release.

Functional Integrated Resistance Strength Training Progressions go beyond basics and examine methods and techniques that functionally strengthen. Utilize exercise progressions and partner drills that involve integration, coordination and balance, ideal for your Small Group Training classes. Learn fun, effective, interactive partner training drills that allow social distancing. A winning solution!     

We know that core training is our foundation, however the floor does not need to be the only place where core training takes place. In this session, discover how much core is at the center of most resistance training exercises. Reinvent the way you design core training to make it more functional in nature. Challenge your core and more with no need to get down to the floor! (PRE-RECORDED)

Unleash your inner Rockstar in this cardio jam session inspired by the infectious, energizing and sweat-dripping fun of playing the drums.  Designed for all fitness levels, whether you’re a conditioned athlete or a beginner, POUND provides the perfect atmosphere for letting loose, getting energized, improving your health, and rocking out!      

WATERinMOTION® Strength takes advantage of the aqua environment to build muscular endurance, power and overall tone in a 45-minute workout using aqua dumbbells. Combine the unique properties of water to build lean muscle through the creative use of drag, resistance, and buoyancy. Water minimizes the strain of gravity on the joints and ligaments to prevent overuse on the muscles while enhancing recovery time and improving flexibility and power. Experience WATERinMOTION®’s unique choreographed formula to keep your training fresh, new, and challenging.

Slate Milk has reinvented chocolate milk for the modern athlete. Learn about the nutritional benefits that come from real milk products and how you and your clients can improve athletic performance by including this nutritional source in your diet. Join Manny Lubin, Co-creator of Slate Milk, and discuss the benefits of protein rich and lactose free healthy eating habits. (LECTURE)

Learn what’s in store for the Industry in 2021 from our panel of diverse and experienced fitness leaders. They will discuss what to expect for club & boutique owners and operators, program directors, instructors & trainers in this ever-changing industry. Take advantage of the coming trends to grow appropriately in your business and role. (LECTURE)  

Want an easy way to get online in fitness? Create a simple virtual group fitness studio. In this cutting-edge session, learn to combine your skills and talents to create a fun, thriving online community. The state of the industry has changed and savvy instructors and trainers will pivot with it. Get the details on using your expertise to partner with Team Beachbody’s programs, technology and marketing to build your own wildly popular virtual group fitness studio.

Saturday Session 5:

4:00pm-5:15pm EST
3:00pm-4:15pm CST
1:00pm-2:15pm PST

Bamboo Fusion is “the blending of two ancient mind-body practices”, tai chi and hatha yoga! Also seen as the marriage of water and wood. The water element will help you discover a deeper level of FLOW, giving you a great infusion of qi energy. The wood element is expressed by the flexible movements of hatha yoga. Experience the principle of surrender, helping you extend and stretch your body and mind.

High Intensity Interval Training is all the rage in various training circles. Excessive high intensity training comes at a cost to long term health & repetitive stimulus becomes less effective. That’s where Metabolic Flexibility comes in, a training approach that promotes Variable Metabolic Conditioning to enhance our ability to switch efficiently between different energy systems to meet the demands of tasks in life and sport.

In this seminar we explore levels of iso and dynamic activation that will drive results for clients before, during, and even after they leave the gym. Gone are the days of jumping on the treadmill for 5 and diving into any kind of training. Time to ditch the warm up and get that body activated. (PRE-RECORDED)

Train your booty anywhere, anytime with zero equipment!  Learn tricks to fire up the glutes, drive performance and function and shape the biggest muscle of your body.  Utilize multiple positions, spicy and staple moves and perfectly designed sequences….with so many different intensity variables, you’ll have endless new ideas to challenge your glutes every time.

Play the drums in the water! Combine unique rhythms and moves using the innovative SAF Aqua Drums Vibes® equipment & enjoy a challenging new way to get yourself fit and have fun in the water.

Exercise science research findings are frequently misrepresented in the media. Join Siri, a Harvard researcher, to become fluent at interpreting studies and parsing fact from fiction. Learn about RCTs, sample bias, representativeness, the peer review process and more to become a credible source of knowledge to your clients and students. (LECTURE)

How are popular fitness brands able to charge $30+ for a class and still have a waitlist? There may be a similar studio down the street doing the exact same thing, for less money, but they’re barely half-full? They have The IT Factor.  Join Lisa for this informative session & learn how to build an In-Demand brand. (LECTURE)

Come join social media gurus and fitness marketing experts as they explore ways to wade through the white noise of Digital and Social Media Marketing like our finest millennials. Discuss the dos and don’ts, myths and misconceptions, and learn how to use the diversity of Social Media for yourself, your business and your clients. (LECTURE)

Saturday Session 6:

5:35pm-6:50pm EST
4:35pm-5:50pm CST
2:35pm-3:50pm PST

Experience a dynamic balance between effort and ease…challenge and release…”fire” and “ice”. Push yourself…and surrender to yourself, all while honoring yourself every step of the way. Be encouraged to say farewell to the expectations you may have and open your mind to an inspiring good time!

If we don’t move it, we lose it. In this workshop, you will learn how to meet your body’s specific needs from a mechanical perspective. Learn your own strengths first, the movement techniques, bodywork related modalities and coaching cues to create a safe and lasting impact.

Experience and learn how to design and effectively perform a one dumbbell workout allowing you and your clients to get familiar with unilateral movements, preventing your body from compensating with the stronger side. This helps isolate and correct muscle imbalances as it requires you to utilize your core muscles more than you would with bilateral exercises. (PRE-RECORDED)

Create exercise experiences from home! The demand for outdoor movement options has exploded! Outdoor space affords the setting for safe exercise gatherings. Learn strategies to design an outdoor exercise program that attracts local and distant contacts. Understand equipment and exercise choice, music usage, business requirements, financial arrangements, broadcasting, and alternatives for bad weather.

Enjoy this fantastic workshop with two of our Maniac men of Aqua! The pool will never look the same once you experience this tidal wave of energy, creativity and enthusiasm. Manuel and Jeff will focus on different styles/formats of aquatic fitness techniques, pushing you to the next level. Leave with a flood of new ideas to make a big splash in your own water fitness sessions.

Learn how sleeping well helps active-agers control weight and revitalize their minds and bodies. See how sleep impacts hormones, which can affect hunger, appetite, glucose regulation, muscle mass and more. Find out about the foods, nutrients, and healthy habits that set the stage for better sleep in the active-aging years. (LECTURE)

Interested in working with preschool/kindergarten children? Join us to learn more about this special population. Experience a full-length KID-FIT preschool P.E. class and find out how to start your own preschool classes through a KID-FIT virtual studio. See how fun it is and how easy it is to get started!

The future is ONLINE. Learn simple broadcasting and production tricks and tips to improve your cueing for online fitness videos, instructor toolbox, and consumer experience. This lecture-based workshop is an exploration and examination of best practices and presentation skills for producing online and live streaming fitness video content.(LECTURE)


Sunday Session 1:

9:00am-10:15am EST
8:00am-9:15am CST
6:00am-7:15am PST

Yoga Strong is a flowing, powerful sequence that will focus on strengthening the powerhouse of the body: The Core! Not just the superficial “6 pack” ab muscles; this includes the deep stabilizing muscles and back muscles that support the spine in every movement on and off your mat. You will be asked to step outside of your comfort zone to truly transform your mind and body. Be ready to sweat, laugh, and grow!       

If your body is a car, the glutes are definitely the engine. Rev up your understanding of gluteal anatomy/function, and learn important implications for program design. Apply these key concepts to improve the strength, power, and performance of the most important muscle group in the body. (LECTURE)

Plyometrics are a powerful exercise method combining conditioning, strength, power and function. Perfect for both virtual and in-person training, this session comprehensively examines drill intensity, from prep to peak, key regressions and progressions to meet your clients at their current level of fitness and the most effective cues to guide their action. Learn these drills by viewing the included plyo videos, to implement plyometrics into your training sessions now. (LECTURE) (PRE-RECORDED)

Redefine what you know about TRX Suspension Training! This session provides a deep dive into the performance and coaching nuances of a series of highly effective TRX movements and combinations. Apply these impactful TRX sequences and coaching methods immediately and watch your suspension training evolve to the next level.

Need more upper body exercises? Do your clients crave the latest conditioning and toning workout that focus on arms, shoulders, chest and back? Structure your upper body muscle workout to include new innovative moves and sequences. This session provides a great complement when scheduled before the popular Luscious Limbs lower body workout.

Fitness professionals like to treat obesity with exercise and diet and we all know, ultimately, that is the solution. Yet, we fail a majority of our clients by ONLY addressing this rather than the root cause: The cause behind the need for exercise and diet. (LECTURE)

Do you feel the fitness industry is saturated and you want to create a brand that stands apart from the masses? Courtney will guide you through a personality driver questionnaire highlighting your unique characteristics that separate you from your competitors. Moreover, unlock simple strategies to incorporate these unique selling points into your business brands. (LECTURE)

Do you want to train more people in less time and earn more income? Yes please! But without a signature class, dynamic cueing and coaching, or a sound price structure this great idea can quickly turn into a nightmare. Learn how to avoid these obstacles, and understand the EXACT blueprint Dane used (and still uses) to scale a small group training brand for a major health club. This session is perfect if you’re ready to take your training online, too! (LECTURE)

Sunday Session 2:

10:35am-11:50am EST
9:35am-10:50am CST
7:35am-8:50am PST

Learn fun, new ideas on how to build intensity and develop quality movements in both your Pilates and traditional strength classes. The Pilates Magic Circle is a great tool to make movements more challenging, but most importantly create body awareness to maximize effectiveness of each exercise.  Discuss muscular interconnection and how using the Magic Circle can assist activation of deep muscles your clients didn’t know they had.  Review a variety of unique exercises and fresh techniques to create a memorable and “magical” experience with each class.

Stop wasting your time working your butt everyday and getting nowhere. Learn how to put science, the proper lifts, and the benefit of progressive overload on your side.This class is part lecture, part hands-on coaching, and part workout. You’ll leave feeling confident in your ability to have and give the best backside.

In this session learn how to design a socially distanced small group programming option for the aging populations. Rethink regressions and progressions, the need for social interaction, personalized assessments and the functional patterns that will keep them coming back for more. (PRE-RECORDED)

Leave excuses at the door and get ready to be pushed past your limits! Combine high energy and bodyweight movements for the perfect blend of power, cardio and strength conditioning. Learn modifications for all fitness levels and leave begging for more!

Harness the power of the pool! In this session, learn how to effectively implement aquatic training principles, cycles of strength, endurance and high-speed training into your aquatic programming. Discuss movement patterns and progressions to maximize power development and improve activities of daily living performance. Experience aqua power like never before!

There’s a lot of misinformation out there about supplements. In today’s lecture, a leading physician breaks down the science and shares which supplements your clients need and which to avoid. We’ll also look at how age and exercise goals influence supplement choice. (LECTURE)

Join Dr. Brookbush and learn about the “Top 10” tips for every professional looking to take the next steps towards building a business. This lecture will focus on how to grow from nothing, day to day tasks, ownership, and beyond. Bring your questions and discuss ways to develop ideas to start you on your way of constructing your business plans. (LECTURE)

As the world around us evolves and changes, we must adapt and look for opportunities to thrive with our business approach and models. Being a relevant and integral part of our member’s lives will distinguish the winners from the losers. Be a part of a discussion about the macro trends occurring world-wide, the challenges facing our industry in the near term and an exploration of how our present actions can play a significant role in our success not only today, but tomorrow. (LECTURE)

Sunday Session 3:

12:50pm-2:05pm EST
11:50am-1:05pm CST
9:50am-11:15am PST

Increasing functionality is just one of the benefits of offering small group options for the aging client. Discuss not only the science, but the need for socialization, camaraderie, and accountability when training the group. Study how introducing positive competition and even dance movement will enhance results, and address retention. Experience and practice specific joint action to get you started creating your new branded option.

An explosive workout that incorporates the lower body, upper body, and core through HIIT and strength training.  It’s functional training at its best – move through all the planes, feel all the feels as you connect mind to body to really bring that feel good love to your body!

Bring your stopwatch because this impactful workshop is timed-to-perfection!! If you’re looking for more ways to challenge your clients and classes to improve their metabolism, then experience this workshop that reviews staple HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) timing protocols and dives into new ones. Discuss the science of metabolic conditioning and how each timed workout uniquely trains the metabolism. Walk away with 4 fresh, exciting ideas on how to expand HIIT programs. (PRE-RECORDED)

Most strength training classes have so many props and toys. This is a total body conditioning class using few props while creating incredible results. This class will teach new instructors a strong coaching baseline in how to coach a great strength class, complete with progressions for every fitness level. 

This workshop will review the basic considerations for using Aqua Dumbbells safely and effectively for a full body workout. Participants will learn the benefits and challenges for using one vs. two dumbbells along with various ways to position them allowing for breaks on the upper body (hands, wrists, shoulders). Participants will also have the opportunity to develop some simple combinations to teach to their classes.

Come together to explore controversial research, ask questions, and discover cutting edge options in food and nutrition. Hear from these nutrition experts on how and why they choose to eat the way they do. Leave “feeling full” of ways to make smarter choices when it comes to fueling your body. (LECTURE)

Heard recently about things like allyship, bias, (in)equity, and microaggressions? Wondering how this applies to YOU as a fitness professional? Discover how you can lead the way and deliver next-level inclusive and impactful exercise experiences to ALL of your clients regardless of gender, gender identity, race, body size, (dis)ability, etc.

The need to increase revenue outside of club membership has become increasingly important.  Your programming can help raise revenue, increase referrals and raise retention.  Although we may have great ideas for programs, we don’t always execute the launch properly thus never reaching their full potential. The key component in effective programming is a strategic launch.  Discover the key elements in planning a successful launch to your club programs. (LECTURE)

Sunday Session 4:

2:25pm-3:40pm EST
1:25pm-2:40pm CST
11:25am-12:40pm PST

Soul Clap Fitness brings 60s, 70s and 80s Soul music to the dance floor while strengthening the Mind, Body and Soul with fundamental dance cardio movement. Test your rhythm without the music by adding elements of body percussion like stomps, claps and polyrhythms. This session is guaranteed to add some flavor to your fitness!

Whether a personal quest or way to engage the fastest growing segment of the population, this workout presents effective and manageable training techniques for the 50+ population. Led by an icon in the fitness industry, Sara takes you through this Group Strength Class using simple exercises and portable equipment for a total body workout. Strength, endurance, flexibility and balance are the lenses we use when analyzing our programming. It’s not about how long or hard you train, it’s about exercising smart for longevity and vitality.

In all disciplines recovery & regeneration are key to making performance gains. Learn tried and true techniques for creating a ride that delivers solid work and efficient recoveries for maximal training effect. Discover ways to effectively work these necessary rides into your training protocols. Time to Rock Steady.

An increasingly common trend in current diets is Intermittent Fasting (IF). Many claims have been made about this as a dietary choice, ranging from fat loss and increased energy, all the way to combating cancer and diabetes while increasing longevity. If these prove to be true, Intermittent Fasting is potentially a powerful dietary intervention and should be considered. Join Sam for his insights on this promising development in dietary science. (LECTURE)                                                                                                                                                            

Small Group Training is growing rapidly and for good reason.  From a client’s standpoint it is fun, interactive, results driven and cost effective.  From a personal trainer’s standpoint, it is a great way to leverage time, increase income and ultimately help more people.  In this interactive session, learn how to create, market, sell and execute dynamic small group training that keeps clients coming back for more.  Explore tangible tips and tools that can be easily implemented for massive impact on your small group training.        (LECTURE)

Tired of staring at your phone trying to figure out what to post, getting stressed out, frustrated, and giving up? Learn to create engaging content and systems for automation and management. Leave with the knowledge to effectively manage your social media and free up time to spend on other aspects of your business. (LECTURE)