Frequently Asked Questions

MANIA NOW® is the recorded version of our latest Live Stream MANIA®. We take the sessions from Live Stream MANIA® and make it available to you for 30 days. You NOW can watch each and every session at your convenience, in your own time.

Based upon attending 17 sessions of the MANIA® NOW Conference, you earn:

20 CECs from SCW Fitness Education

20 CECs from American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)

17 CECs from Aquatic Exercise Association (AEA)

15 CECs from American Fitness and Aerobics Association of America (AFAA)

2.0 CECs from the American Council on Exercise (ACE)

1.7 CECs from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)

You will receive a varying number of CECs for each certification that you attend. Please click on this link to review the number of CECs received for each certification:
You will receive an email and text after the conference so that you can obtain your CEC Form. The link will require that you first complete a general. Once you complete the survey, you can automatically download your CEC Form to save to your computer and print.
You should save your CEC Form and there is a $35 replacement fee should you lose your CEC Form.
For a replacement CEC, click here:
You will receive a confirmation email/letter sent to your email inbox when you enroll for MANIA NOW®. Please check your spam/junk folders since sometimes our emails end up in one of these folders.
You can participate with a friend, but you both must register and pay individually for MANIA NOW®. Participating with a friend is a great idea because you can support each other throughout the entire process.
You will not need any equipment to participate. If you do not have the equipment that the Presenter is using for a session, you can always improvise to the best of your ability (i.e. if you don’t have a bike – use a chair, if you don’t have a gliding disc – use a paper plate, if you don’t have dumbbells – use a soup can, etc.) Additionally, SCW Fitness does have discounted equipment available for sale here:

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