AV Now Fitness Sound

AV Now Fitness Sound opened its doors in 1994. The President, Rob DeHart, understood a unique need for high-quality sweatproof wireless microphones and easy-to-use sound systems designed specifically for the fitness industry. Today, AV Now provides audio video solutions, including indoor/outdoor portable sound systems, sound for yoga, cycle and group exercise, virtual fitness instruction products, lighting, and full club sound design. Our Mission Statement: Providing a dynamic Audio and Visual experience to those striving for a better life through fitness. www.AVNow.com

Core Health & Fitness

At Core Health & Fitness, we believe that knowledge is power. With the world’s greatest Master Instructors, we create the most personal, accessible, and innovative education available. Backed by Continuing Education Credits (CECs), our courses transform passionate enthusiasts into thoughtful and skilled experts. Education offerings include the Schwinn Indoor Cycling Certification, the HIIT Certification by StairMaster, the Strength Training Specialist Course by Nautilus, and the BoxMaster Training Program. www.CoreHandF.com

Brookbush Institute

Our mission is to provide students with the most up-to-date, evidence-based information in the human movement science field. The Brookbush Institute provides an affordable and student-centered learning atmosphere designed to enhance retention and comprehension. www.BrookbushInstitute.com

Grab the Gold

Grab The Gold products helps you win every day – at home and at the gym, at the office and on your next adventure. Explore our snack bars, protein cookies and supplements. Our products utilize clean ingredients to keep you on your game. Strong enough for your workout, simple enough to be enjoyed any time! www.GrabTheGold.com

Mimo Method

We help fitness professionals offer top-of-the-line, body positive coaching with methods based on psychology, physiology, and lifecoaching. Our premiere coaching program, The MiMo Method, is designed to teach fitness professionals and clients how to fix MINDSET BLOCKS (outdated behavior change techniques, broken thought patterns, lack of vision) around diet and exercise. www.gretchengegg.com/mimo


Passion Fit™ is your health, wellness and fitness guide to help you transform your career, family and life! Products, services and content include transformational programs, ongoing monthly memberships, online courses, wellness consulting/coaching, local and livestream fitness and dance classes, an online boutique of activewear and accessories, wellness retreats, workshops and speaking engagements, a YouTube channel of online videos, a blog, newsletters, social media content and media appearances. Passion Fit serves individuals, companies, non-profits, schools, universities and the media to help people transform their lives through a focus on fitness, nutrition, mindfulness, work-life balance, productivity and healthy lifestyles. Visit www.PassionFit.com

PhysicalMind Institute

PhysicalMind Institute® (PMI) was established in 1991 to carry on the work of Joseph Pilates. Beginning with Certification of Pilates Teachers, the Institute continued the tradition of looking at bodies and inventing what was needed for better movement and pain relief. Today, Pilates, Yoga, Barre and Dance professionals and consumers worldwide benefit from these patented, portable, and lightweight products such as Tye4®, Parasetter®, Head Floater® and more. PMI produces fitness products for every modern body. www.PhysicalMindInstitute.com

Slate Milk

After years of waiting for a ‘modern’ chocolate milk to hit the market, we decided to take action – and fix everything wrong with this classic, naturally protein-rich category. Because while we may not be health gurus nor gold-medal athletes, we do everything we can to live an active and healthy lifestyle. This meant making our favorite drink, chocolate milk, better. www.SlateMilk.com/

Think Yourself Academy

The THINK Yourself® ACADEMY, offers leading-edge online courses for entrepreneurs who want to find Confidence & Clarity to make money living from their passion. The Founder and CEO, Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas, is an international No.1 Bestselling Author of fifteen books on success, wellness and empowerment. Over the past 30 years, she has inspired over 100,000 audience members and empowered thousands of clients internationally to get rid of their negative self-talk & implement business practices that generate results. She combines over 10 years of experience in human resources, 25 years in sales and over 30 years in the fitness industry. In 2007, she was “Fitness Instructor of the Year” for Canada. www.ThinkYourself.com

Indigo Aquatics

Indigo Aquatics specializes in providing equipment and training for aquatic Fitness Professionals with methods covering safe/proper usage, applicable positions/motions, and water adaptations with routines using equipment from Acquapole®, SAF Aqua Drums Vibes® and Liquid Gym™. Online learning offers a customized interactive platform of courses with a focus on proper techniques, exercise variations, and lesson plans for innovative and engaging lessons on posture, bodyweight training, aquatic kickboxing, band training, circuit training, and foam resistant training. www.indigoaquatics.com//

THE Health Sciences Academy

The Health Sciences Academy® is the world’s largest, 100% science-based, online educational institution. We help health and fitness professionals expand their expertise in specialised areas, and raise industry standards through personalised nutrition and practical science. Our Nutrition Business Explorer Program™ offers access to 13 accredited certifications, together with client getting bundles, client templates, online tools, and much more, providing you with the knowledge and tools you need to grow your business and client opportunities. www.TheHealthSciencesAcademy.org

Team Rockstar Fit

Team Rockstar Fit is a mastermind group of women in fitness who want to expand their careers online. The team was founded 12 years ago by top fitness presenter and club owner Trina Gray in partnership with Team Beachbody. Coaches set up virtual studios to reach anyone, anywhere, on their own time, creating a career of more freedom. www.TeamRockstarFit.com


POUND® – ROCKOUT. WORKOUT. Unleash your inner Rockstar in this cardio jam session inspired by the infectious, energizing and sweat-dripping fun of playing the drums. Designed for all fitness levels, whether you’re a conditioned athlete or a beginner, POUND provides the perfect atmosphere for letting loose, getting energized, improving your health, and rocking out! www.PoundFit.com


Founded in 2004, TRX was built on the idea that fitness can be achieved by anyone, anywhere. Today, TRX is the global leader in functional fitness and Suspension Training®, a revolutionary bodyweight workout system that powers a life in motion. TRX also offers its own proprietary professional education and certification. www.TRXtraining.com


TaijiFit is Tai Chi and Yoga the way you want it to be – easy, fun and leaving you wanting more. From reducing anxiety, increasing balance, and increasing blood flow, TaijiFit is a proven, effective workout. TaijiFit is also the approved certification for the Veterans Affairs Community Care program – free classes for Veterans, extraordinary pay for you. www.TaijiFit.net

Conti Fit

CONTI FIT LLC specializes in educating, certifying, and empowering fitness professionals and enthusiasts around the world. CONTI FIT offers fitness and wellness programs for special populations such as: arthritis, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, MS, stroke, eating disorders, active agers etc.. CONTI FIT is also known for, Let’s FACE It Together™ Facial Exercise and Rehabilitation. This valuable tool for personal, group and medical fitness professionals improves muscle strength in the face and neck, oral/motor skills, facial expressions, posture, mood, and socialization. www.ContiFit.com

Barre Intensity

This isn’t your average barre technique. Barre Intensity® combines attributes of Pilates, dance, and functional fitness training to present a powerful and intense barre program in the group fitness space. Our goal is to provide you with the foundations and support necessary to teach barre fitness wherever you go. www.BarreIntensity.com

H4 Training

H4 Training was built with the goal of creating a gym community that would provide a remarkable member experience while delivering amazing results. H4 Training aims to be a place that values and cares more about its gym community than any other place. We strive to be the best, deliver the true fitness experience, and build a community for those committed to making changes in their health and fitness. www.H4-Training.com

Electrum Performance

Whether it’s to increase explosiveness for takedowns, improve isometric strength for guard retention, or increase your medal count, Electrum Performance has you covered! Our competition-tested strength training methods have shown results time and again with some of the world’s best athletes. Train with EP to improve strength and athleticism, decrease risk of injury, and spend more time on the podium! www.ElectrumPerformance.com


Gymcatch is a booking, payment and client administration platform for the fitness and wellness industry. Our full service solution supports face-to-face and virtual delivery for businesses of all sizes. Our mission is to help fitness businesses do more for less. We do this by providing the all the specialist tools to give you and your clients a slick, efficient and convenient experience at unbeatable value, from just $10 a month. www.GymCatch.com

Resusci Tech

ResusciTech’s mission is to give you the power to save someone’s life, enabling you to take action in emergency situations. SMART Certification is an app providing remote CPR training with guided hands-on practice using real-time feedback. Convenient, low-cost training from your home makes SMART Certification the smart choice. www.ResusciTech.io


The KID-FIT Preschool Health and Fitness Organization serves to promote health and fitness in children ages 2-Kindergarten. It’s new KID-FIT Virtual Studio provides a way for schools, parents and teachers to safely deliver the world renown KID-FIT Preschool P.E. program to very young children whether they are attending school in-person, remotely or taking part in a hybrid learning environment. KID-FIT teaches children all about their bodies, healthy eating and rest through a balanced fitness routine. www.kid-fit.org/

Sports & Fitness Insurance

Sports & Fitness Insurance Corporation has been insuring the fitness industry exclusively for over 30 years. SFIC is very proud to partner with SCW Fitness Education to provide insurance for fitness professionals and fitness facilities. With a combined 75-plus years of dedication to the fitness industry, SCW and SFIC are your fitness industry experts! www.SportsFitness.com


Discover how WATERinMOTION® has resuscitated hundreds of aqua programs nationwide through a constant stream of exceptional music, invigorating choreography, and magnificent marketing. Including free certifications, this innovative program empowers experienced aqua instructors, transitions land instructors to the pool smoothly and efficiently and provides high-quality available aqua subs with consistency. For a fountain of creativity and education, dive into WATERinMOTION®! www.WATERinMOTION.com


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